NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 1 How The camel got his hump

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 1 How The camel got his hump

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 1 How The camel got his hump

Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 1 How The camel got his hump

Comprehension Check – Page 03

Answer- The dog was assigned to fetch and carry sticks and the ox was assigned to plough the field.

Answer- The camel was very lazy. He didn’t like to work, so he stayed in themiddle of the desert where he didn’t have to do much. He ate sticks and thorns, and when someone tried to talk to him, all he said was “Humph!” without saying anything else.

Answer- The dog, horse, and ox were very angry because they had to do the camel’s work too, as he was lazy in the desert. This meant they had to work double-time to make up for the camel’s laziness.

Answer- The Djinn was the master of deserts. So he was able to know easily who the ani­mal with a long neck and long legs was.

Comprehension Check – Page 05

Answer- The camel was looking at his reflection in the pool, showing that he was proud of his appearance, especially his back. Maybe he thought he was the most handsome animal and was admiring himself when he saw his reflection in the pool.

Answer- The word ‘Humph’ annoyed the Djinn. He turned ‘humph’ into the hump on the camel’s back.

Answer- According to the Djinn, the camel missed three days of work in a row. So, the Djinn declared that the camel could go without eating for three days because of the hump on his back. The hump could store food energy, allowing the camel to work without eating for a long period.

Answer- Even after receiving the hump, the camel didn’t change his lazy ways. Instead of assisting the other animals outside the desert as instructed, the camel continued to work slowly in the desert. He couldn’t finish the missed work and still carries the hump, living in the desert.

Exercise Questions

Answer- No, this story cannot be factually true. It is purely fictional.

Answer- (iv) How the camel got his hump.

Answer- Over the weekend, I had a lot of fun with my friends. We played some outdoor games like football and went cycling in the park. On Sunday, I helped my parents with some chores around the house and then spent some time playing video games with my siblings. I checked my back, there’s no hump.

Answer- I belong to the category of workers who prefer to do today what they can do tomorrow. I like to plan my tasks in advance and get things done as soon as possible to avoid procrastination and unnecessary stress.

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