NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 2 Children at Work

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 2 Children at Work

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 2 Children at Work

Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 2 Children at Work

Comprehension Check – Page 09

Answer- Velu stood on the platform feeling like he was still on the train because his legs were shaking from the journey to Chennai. Also he was very hungry and stressed as he ran away from his home and came to chennai.

Answer- Velu felt very tired and sad as he sat with his head down, feeling hopeless. He had left his village two days ago because his father, who drank too much, treated him badly. In the past two days, he had only eaten a few peanuts and a small piece of jaggery. He felt alone and lost when he arrived in the big city.

Answer- (i) Velu travelled without a ticket because he had no money.
(ii) Velu could escape the ticket collector’s attention because the ticket collector didn’t come to the unreserved compartment. He decided to sleep on the floor near the door since he didn’t have a ticket.

Answer- Velu came from a poor family, and he and his sisters worked hard to earn money. However, their father, who drank alcohol excessively, would take away all their earnings to spend on his drinking habit. Fed up with his father’s behavior, Velu decided to run away from home.

Answer- Velu chose to follow the ‘strange’ girl because he was lost in the big city and didn’t have any idea about where to go or what to do next. Plus, he was extremely hungry and anxious since he hadn’t eaten anything for two days.

Comprehension Check – Page 13

Answer- Velu couldn’t understand the big signs written in English because he didn’t know the language. But when he passed by the Central Jail, he managed to read it because it was written in Tamil.

Answer- (i) She was referring to the Central Jail.
(ii) She told Velu that avoiding the police and not getting caught were more important than doing something wrong.
The sentence is: ‘You don’t have to do anything. Just don’t get caught, that’s all’.

Answer- (i) The girl led Velu to a big wedding hall.
(ii) There was a big garbage bin overflowing with rubbish.Velu got a squashy banana and a vada, whereas the girl only got a banana to eat.

Answer- The girl worked as a rag-picker.

Comprehension Check – Page 15

Answer- (i) The ‘strange’ huts were built from all sorts of things, such as tin sheets, tyres, bricks, wood and plastic.
(ii) Velu finds those huts strange because in his own village the huts were made of mud and palm leaves.

Answer- Jaya and other children like her collected paper, plastic, glass and other similar things. They sold all these things to the junk-dealer.

Answer- Velu was not happy with his job. He thought about the farm work that he used to do, like weeding and taking care of cows. But since now he did not had any other choice so he chose to work as a rag-picker until he found a better job.

Exercise Questions

Answer- Velu was naive but also smart. He ran away from his troubled home and found himself in the unfamiliar streets of Chennai. Hungry and uncertain, he encountered Jaya, a street-smart rag-picker who took pity on him and offered him food. Velu, recognizing his lack of direction in the big city, wisely decided to stick with Jaya, following her through the crowded alleys and chaotic markets. Along the way, he witnessed the gritty reality of slum life and the harsh existence of those forced to scavenge for a living. Despite his initial naivety, Velu showed resorcefulness by joining Jaya in her work, realizing it was a temporary means of survival until he could find a better opportunity.

Answer- Jaya was a brave and funny girl who worked as a rag-picker in Chennai. She met Velu, who was new to the city, and showed him how to find food and survive. She gave him some old shoes and a sack to help him start working with her. Despite their difficult situation, Jaya kept a humorous attitude and helped Velu navigate the busy streets safely. She was kind and resourceful, always looking out for him.

Answer- Yes, this sentence is very meaningful in the context of this story. In “Children at Work”, Velu and Jaya make a living by collecting discarded items like glass, paper, and bottles, which others consider as waste. However, to Velu and Jaya, these items are valuable resources that they can sell to make money and survive. This highlights the theme of resourcefulness and the idea that what may be considered worthless to some can be highly valuable to others, especially those in difficult circumstances like Velu and Jaya.

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