NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 6 This is Jody’s Fawn

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 6 This is Jody’s Fawn

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 6 This is Jody's Fawn

Class 8 English Chapter 6 This is Jody’s Fawn

Comprehension Check – Page 86

Answer- Jody’s father had been bitten by a rattlesnake.

Answer- Penny used doe’s heart and liver to draw out the poison.

Answer- Jody wants to bring the fawn home because its mother was killed to save his father’s life. He felt bad for the fawn being left alone without its mom and worries it might starve. Jody wonders if he can bring the fawn home and give it some food to eat.

Answer- Jody’s father, Penny, had once told him that a male fawn has spots in a sequential line. This knowledge taught Jody how to distinguish between a male and a female fawn.

Comprehension Check – Page 87

Answer- Jody did not want Mill-wheel with him because –
1. If the fawn would die then he didn’t want Mill-wheel to see the disapointment on his face.
2. If the fawn would be alive then he did not want to share his gladness with anybody else.

Answer- Jody didn’t know the forest path very well. Mill-wheel was scared to leave Jody alone because he thought Jody might get lost or get bitten by a rattlesnake, just like what happened to Penny.

Comprehension Check – Page 90

Answer- Jody wanted to be gentle with the fawn, so he stroked its neck softly before picking it up. He carried the fawn carefully through the thick bushes, shielding its face from sharp vines. When he needed a break, he stopped to rest. As he continued on his way home, he noticed the fawn was following him, so he picked it up again. When they reached home, the fawn was hesitant to climb the stairs, so Jody carried it inside.

Answer- Jody was filled with emotion after he finding the fawn. Three words or phrases are –
(i) When he stroked its neck, the touch made him ‘delirious’.
(ii) (the fawn) shook him through with the stare of its ‘liquid eyes’.
(ii) When he got the feeling that it was his fawn now, he was ‘lightheaded with his joy’.

Answer- Jody dipped his fingers in the milk and put them in the fawn’s mouth. Then he lowered his fingers into the gourd. The fawn snorted and sucked, and soon it started drinking the milk.

Answer- Since the fawn is a wild animal, it doesn’t know how to climb stairs or drink milk from a gourd. When it arrived at Jody’s house, it didn’t follow him upstairs or drink the milk. It was just unsure what to do in such a new situation.

Working with the Text

Answer- Penny allowed Jody to go and find the fawn and look after it because it seemed unfair to him to leave the fawn to go hungry. He agreed with what Jody thought that as they had killed the doe and the fawn was left all alone. They felt responsible for the orphaned fawn. They didn’t want it to be alone without anyone to care for it, so they decided to raise it themselves.

Answer- Penny felt guilty for causing the mother deer’s death, so he believed it was his duty to care for the fawn left behind. He didn’t want the little deer to starve or be alone in the forest. When Jody asked to bring the fawn home, Penny agreed. Doc Wilson told Jody’s mother that both Jody and Penny were correct in their decision, as “Nothing in the world ever comes quite free”.

Answer- Jody took very good care of the fawn when he accepted its responsibility. He would gently stroke its neck slowly and wrap his hands around its soft neck. Jody gave the fawn milk of his own share and fed it like a mother. He dipped his fingers in the milk and thrust them into the fawn’s soft wet mouth. Again and again he repeated so as to feed the fawn. Jody looked after the fawn and accepted his responsibility to repay his gratitude.

Answer- Jody’s mother was surprised when he wanted to bring home the fawn. But when she learned that the doe who saved Penny’s life was the fawn’s mother, she was speechless. She was hesitant about bringing a wild animal home, especially since they had nothing else to feed it except milk, which Jody would have to give up to care for the deer.

Working with Language

Answer- (i) Penny asked his son if he really wanted the fawn.
(ii) Mill-wheel asked if Jody would ride back with him.
(iii) Jody asked Mill-wheel if he thought the fawn was still there.
(iv) Jody asked Mill-wheel if he would help him find the fawn.
(v) Jody asked Mill-wheel if it was up there that Pa got bitten by the snake.


(i) Jody then went to the kitchen. – Intransitive
(ii) The fawn wobbled after him – Intransitive
(iii) You found him. – Transitive
(iv) He picked it up. – Transitive
(v) He dipped his fingers in the milk. – Transitive
(vi) It bleated frantically and butted him. – Intransitive, Transitive
(vii) The fawn sucked his fingers. – Transitive
(viii) He lowered his fingers slowly into the milk. –Transitive

(ix) It stamped its small hoofs impatiently. – Transitive
(x) He held his fingers below the level of the milk. – Transitive
(xi) The fawn followed him. – Transitive
(xii) He walked all day. – Intransitive
(xiii) He stroked its sides. – Transitive
(xiv) The fawn lifted its nose. – Transitive
(xv) Its legs hung limply. – Intransitive

close drawmakewonder scrawny
partedclearingsweet light pick

Answer- The words would appear in the following sequential order when arranged properly-

clearing closedrawlightmake

Some idioms and phrasal verbs connected to these words are as follows-

clearing up, close shave, close to , draw over, draw toward, drawback, light hearted, light up, light upon, make castles in the air, make faces, make hay while the sun shines, parted over, parted from, pick up, pick through, scrawny outfit, sweet taste,
sweeten up, wonder about.


Answer- Every living thing is important, and animals should be treated with kindness and care. Hurting an animal just to help a human isn’t fair because it suggests that one life matters more than another. We have other ways, like new medical treatments, to save people without hurting animals. It’s important to always look for ways to help everyone without causing harm.

Answer- To persuade my parents to let me keep the tiny animal as a pet, I would first research about the specific animal to show them that it’s safe and manageable. I would explain how having a pet can teach responsibility and provide companionship. Additionally, I would assure them that I would take full responsibility for its care, including feeding, grooming, and veterinary visits. Finally, I would emphasize the positive benefits of having a pet for our family’s overall happiness and well-being.



I have a new pet dog named Max, and he’s full of life! He’s playful and loyal, always by my side. Sometimes he’s naughty, like when he rolls in mud or hides the newspaper. But despite his mischievous side, he brings me so much joy and happiness. Max is my best friend, and I love having him around, even when he eats up all the food or drinks all the milk. He’s a lively companion who makes every day brighter.

Answer- (i) We rely on various natural resources for our daily needs and economic activities. These include water for drinking and irrigation, air for breathing and industrial processes, trees and forests for wood and paper products, minerals like coal and oil for energy, soil for agriculture, sunlight for solar energy, wind for wind energy, and wildlife for food, clothing, and medicine. These resources are essential for sustaining life and supporting human civilization. It’s important to use them wisely and sustainably to ensure their availability for future generations.

(ii) Our connection with nature is vital. We should respect and care for the environment because it supports our lives and the Earth’s health. It’s essential to appreciate and conserve the natural world, valuing its beauty, biodiversity, and resources. As stewards of the Earth, we have a responsibility to protect and preserve it for future generations. This involves adopting sustainable practices, reducing our environmental footprint, and advocating for policies that prioritize conservation and environmental protection. By using resources wisely and making eco-friendly choices, we can ensure a healthy planet for everyone.


  • Seek medical help immediately by calling emergency services or going to the nearest hospital.
  • Remain as calm and still as possible to slow the spread of venom.
  • Keep the affected limb immobilized and positioned below heart level.
  • Remove any tight clothing or jewelry near the bite area.
  • Clean the wound with soap and water if possible.
  • Treat all snake bites as potentially dangerous and seek medical attention promptly, regardless of whether the snake is known to be venomous or not.

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