NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 The Fight

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 The Fight

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 The Fight

Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 The Fight

Comprehension Check – Page 49

Answer – The forest pool was clean, cold, and inviting, while the one in the Rajputana desert was sticky and muddy. Buffaloes wallowed in it, and women used it to wash clothes.

Answer – (i) The other boy thought Ranji should apologize for using the forest pool without asking. He wanted Ranji to leave the pool right away.

(ii) It was not right for him to expect Ranji to leave the pool because the forest pool was open to everyone, and he didn’t own it personally.

Answer – The other boy was actually trying to start a quarrel with Ranji. When Ranji saw him in the pool, he didn’t say or do anything to start trouble. The other boy seemed unfriendly towards Ranji, but Ranji wanted to be nice and asked the boy to swim together. However, the boy said no, claiming the pool was his and that he always swam alone. He also warned Ranji, calling himself a Warrior.

Answer – (i) Ranji and the other boy fought for a long time. Realizing that Ranji wasn’t backing down from using the pool, the other boy declared, “Well, then we’ll just have to keep on fighting.”

(ii) No, the fight didn’t continue. After their intense quarrel, both Ranji and Suraj were worn out. They were breathing heavily and their hearts were racing. They both agreed to stop fighting for the day and resume it the next day.

Comprehension Check – Page 53

Answer – When Ranji got home, it was difficult for him to hide the cuts and bruises on his face, legs, and arms from the fight with Suraj. It was hard to hide that he had been in a particularly rough fight.

Answer – (i) When Ranji saw the other boy in the bazaar, he tried to avoid him by turning away and looking in another direction. He was so angry at the boy that he felt like throwing the lemonade bottle at him.

(ii) Ranji chose not to take action. Instead, he stood firm and scowled at his passing adversary. He didn’t want to start any unnecessary fights with the other boy in the bazaar.

Answer – Ranji didn’t feel strong or excited about the prospect of another fight. His body was sore from the previous day’s encounter, and he felt lazy. But he couldn’t say no to the challenge. Skipping the pool would mean admitting defeat. He believed he had to keep standing up to his enemy or find a way to outsmart him to earn his respect. If he gave up now, he would always be seen as beaten. However, if he fought and lost today, he could still fight again another day. As long as he kept fighting, he felt he deserved the right to use the pool in the forest. So, despite not feeling up to it, he went back to the pool.

Answer – Ranji proved himself as the superior swimmer when Suraj teased him. Without hesitation, Ranji dived into the water and quickly reached the other end of the pool, surprising Suraj. Impressed by Ranji’s smooth performance, Suraj asked for his guidance in diving and swimming underwater. In exchange, he promised to help Ranji become a wrestler.

Answer – The Warrior challenged Ranji to come to his side of the pool and fight, suggesting Ranji couldn’t swim the length of the pool. Determined to prove him wrong, Ranji swiftly removed his vest, dived into the water, and smoothly swam to the other side. This surprised the warrior.

Answer – Both boys were at the pool, but there was no fighting. Suraj, the warrior, was amazed by Ranji’s diving and underwater swimming skills. He asked Ranji to teach him how to swim underwater. They decided to stop fighting and help each other instead.

Answer – Relevant phrases are – Good diving, swimming underwater and willingness to help.

Answer – I believe it was their impressive skills, mutual admiration, and readiness to help each other that quickly turned the two adversaries into good friends. The Warrior was impressed by Ranji’s diving and swimming abilities, and Ranji was happy to teach him. In return, the Warrior promised to help Ranji become a wrestler.

Exercise Questions

Answer – Fighting isn’t the only way to resolve differences of opinion. Communication, compromise, and negotiation are effective alternatives to reach a mutually acceptable settlement.

Answer – Once, my friend and I got into a really serious fight. Looking back, it was over something so small, but at the time, it felt like a big deal. We both said and did things we regretted, and it ended up causing a lot of unnecessary drama and hurt feelings. After we had both cooled down, we realized how pointless it was. We let our pride and emotions get the best of us, and it didn’t solve anything. Since then, I’ve learned that it’s much better to try and talk things out calmly and find a compromise, rather than resorting to fighting. It’s never worth it in the end.

Answer – Some people feel the need to prove themselves better than others due to a variety of reasons, such as insecurities, competitiveness, or a desire for validation. As for the sign on the car, it’s a humorous way of expressing superiority while acknowledging a slower pace. Whether you find it amusing or annoying depends on your perspective and sense of humor. Some might find it clever and chuckle at the irony, while others might see it as arrogant or irritating.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 The Fight

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